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Historical photo of Slane Hosiery

Slane Hosiery Mills History

It was in 1915 that Willis H. Slane, Sr. sold a flourishing machine shop and foundry business and turned to what he saw as a brighter field-hosiery manufacturing.


Through the years, Slane Hosiery Mills has steadily grown from its modest beginning to its present position as one of the nation’s leading hosiery manufacturers. During this period of growth, quality standards have never been lowered; a key distinction which separates Slane Hosiery Mills from other competitors.


Though Slane Hosiery Mills is fast approaching its centennial, the founding core values have remained unchanged. Today, we are the leading manufacturers of high quality socks for men, women and children; blending “Fashion and Technology” for quality brands listed below.


Nike’s ORIGINAL sock supplier for over forty years.

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